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  • Version 9.1.7 released! November 25, 2020
    Update 9.1.7 has been released:Reverted recent physics changes that probably cause issues with teleporting to zero coordinates
  • Version 9.1.6 released! November 24, 2020
    Update 9.1.6 has been released and fixes the following issues: Optimized stockpile calculations to improve performance in crowded areas Fixed possible server crash when modifying titles Fixed collision with Flat Steel wall corner that could prevent movement in areas it shouldn't Fixed ability to jump between ladders Increased default movement speed on ladders and added […]
  • Version 9.1.5 released! November 16, 2020
    Update 9.1.5 has been released and fixes the following issues: Fixed bug with skid steer and excavator creating rubble that couldn't be picked up Updated to have new format (existing server configs will be unaffected)
  • Version 9.1.4 released! November 10, 2020
    Update 9.1.4 has been released and fixes the following issue:Fixed bug with inability to remove fuel from vehicles
  • Version 9.1.3 released! November 9, 2020
    Update 9.1.3 has been released and fixes the following issues: Can no longer change owners of a property when you have access, unless you are an owner Fixed bug with destroying trees by placing a block on them Fixed bug with getting stuck on avatar creation if rolling back to a previous update version Fixed […]
  • Version 9.1.2 released! November 6, 2020
    Update 9.1.2 has been released and fixes the following issues: Fixed crash that could occur when updating a server into different localization Fixed bug with server configs where it was possible to have 0 experience requirement for specialties Fixed bug with placing ramps inside trees Fixed bug with strange tooltips appearing in linked storages Fixed […]
  • Version 9.1.1 released! November 4, 2020
    Update 9.1.1 has been released and fixes the following issues: Fixed Sweeping Hands not working Fixed Work Party UI to allow customization Fixed inability to pick up Ballot Box and Executive Office Fixed Crushed Gneiss to have Crushed Rock tag Fixed ability to vote on drafts before they have been put to election
  • Eco Update 9.1 is now released! November 3, 2020
    We're happy to announce the release of Update 9.1 containing lots of improvements and bugfixes. We've been monitoring your feedback on Update 9.0 closely since release and have already begun work on Update 9.2, introducing a few cool new additions to the game and expected to be released in December. Stay tuned for hints in […]
  • Eco Update 9.1 releases on November 3rd! Oktober 28, 2020
    We’ve got a launch date for Eco 9.1, coming November 3rd!With Eco 9 a year in development, it came with a long list of new features. With 9.1, we’re iterating on that giant update and moving to a monthly-ish release cycle. Here’s what’s new:Elections PackagesOne main point of feedback we got with the new government […]
  • Version 9.0.5 released! Oktober 13, 2020
    Update 9.0.5 has been released and fixes the following issues: MacOS Client is now available with functioning connection. The minimap should now display correctly on Linux and MacOS.(There may be issues with maps > 1 km² on MacOS due to limit of tesselation level to 16) Some issues with migration from 8.3.3 have been fixed.